Horfield Organic Community Orchard

Horfield Organic Community Orchard (HOCO) began as a project of Avon Organic Group in 1998. A small group of hardworking volunteers took on some overgrown plots at the edge of Davies Field on the Golden Hill site. They cleared the ground, and composted like crazy. Planting fruit trees gave a new lease of life to a marginal, and hard to cultivate area. This pioneering urban orchard also raises awareness of allotments in the local community.

HOCO is now home to 100 fruiting trees, bushes and vines – including local and heritage varieties of apple, plum and pear. A Home Orchard Plot (HOP) project shows ways to grow fruit intensively in small spaces. Members share growing, harvests and fun, in a beautiful, friendly, green and productive food project. Harvest-share membership is open to anyone, and the orchard also welcomes supporting members.

All are welcome to celebrate the Orchard at our community events: Wassail (January), Summer Open Day (June), and Apple Day (October).Apple Day at the Horfleld Organic Community Orchard

For more information about events, courses, and membership go to HOCO website