Allotment Supplies

Ashley Down Shop

Run by our neighbouring local Allotment Association, the site store sells seeds, seed potatoes, equipment, and more, including:

  • Seed potatoes (first and second earlies and maincrops – 16 varieties)
  • Onion sets, shallots, and garlic
  • Composts, fertilisers and other sundries

Click this link for a fuller list of items available
Station Road (off Ashley Down Rd), BS7 9LA. Open every Saturday and Sunday 10.30-12.00 noon

Tool sharpening

Andy Tolley is a local business providing a tool sharpening service. Most garden tools are £5 each. Full details can be found at

Contact: Phone 07793890215 or Email

Plastic free supplies

Ladbrooke Soilblockers
Instead of using plastic pots, this supplier provides a handblocking gadget to make vegetable plugs from compost ready for inserting seeds. Another handblocker is then used to make a larger soil block for accepting the plugs when ready to pot on.
For the website and demonstration video follow this link

Plastic-free vegetable plugs
It is possible to buy vegetable plugs from a locally-based supplier without them coming in plastic pots


Compost for Sale

From the Allotment Association

The Allotment Association is selling top quality, peat free, organic compost (Soil Association Certified) to members on the Golden Hill Site. £6 per wheelbarrow load, approx. 80 litres. NB This is only for sale to H&DAA members and not the general public.

Pete Clee will be available for members wishing to buy on Wednesdays (all day) and Sundays from 1.00pm – 3.00pm (or contact him on 07913 9533277). Members from other fields can collect by arrangement with Pete.

Mushroom Compost

Nathan can supply mushroom compost. He can do bulk tipper loads from a Transit Tipper and will get near has possible to your plot and deliver 7 days a week at a time that suits you. Contact Nathan on 07970 559156 or email


Truckload of manure
Truckload of manure

Avon Riding for the Disabled
Well-rotted manure for the taking – manure needs to be collected yourself. Horses are kept on straw not sawdust so ideal for allotments. £20 for a full boot load, but you have to load it yourself. The money goes to the disabled riding centre which is a charity. Avon Riding Centre for the Disabled, Kings Weston Road, Henbury, Bristol BS10 7QT. Tel: 0117 959 0266.

From Dee
We have well-rotted horse manure at £2.50 a bag and fresh horse manure at £1.50 a bag. All manure is clean – no shavings and straw. Bags are between 15-20kg.
We have alpaca poo (beans) for sale also.  The bags are £4.50 a bag and weigh around 10-12kg.
We have a delivery service if required (costing £15) or collection is available from Westerleigh.
Contact Dee on 07810 808507 or email

From 1 Ton Loads
Well rotted manure from 4 year old beef cattle.
Ring 07900980935 and ask for Pete.

From Nathan
We can supply well-rotted cow or horse manure (bagged – 50 litres at £5.00).  I can do bulk tipper loads from a Transit Tipper and will get near has possible to your plot. I deliver 7 days a week at a time that suits you. Any amounts from a cubic metre at £30 or 4 cubic metres for £80.
Contact Nathan on 07970 559156 or email

In 2020 we had reports of some batches of manure being contaminated with Aminopyralid, which is a weedkiller that can cause leaf curl and other problems with many crops including beans, tomatoes and potatoes.   Speak to your supplier if you have concerns.
It is worth testing out a sample of manure by planting some broad beans in a soil/manure mix and seeing if they have any deformities when they emerge.
For more information on Aminopyralids, click here 

Other Suppliers

Please note that we do not endorse the products and services listed and cannot vouch for their quality.

Vegetable plugs

Propogation Place
This locally-based organisation (in Ashley Vale)  acts as a nursery to distribute vegetable plug plants to local allotment holders and the wider community

Seed suppliers

Nicky’s Nursery – Highly recommended by Pete. Small quantities of excellent seeds at reasonable prices.

The Real Seed Catalogue – An excellent, small company supplying organic and heritage seeds.

The Organic Seed Catalogue

Just Seeds – We are a small seed supplier who focuses on quality we only sell seed strains that have been tested and proven to grow a success crop over a three year period – in return we would be more than happy to provide your allotment with a discount code that members could use to obtain seeds.

Grow Seed

Sow Seeds – This website has lots of useful advice on organic gardening and also sells a wide variety of seeds.

Special seeds – a nursery near Bath specialising in unusual plants and seeds

Fruit bushes and trees

Most of the major seed houses will also sell fruit bushes and trees. The links below are for specialists.

Pomona Fruits


Jekka McVickar – Wonderful site for buying organic herbs and herbal products, kitchen, home and health. Lots of advice and tips. See Jekka’s ‘New Book of Herbs‘. Do check out her blog.

Suffolk Herbs (Kings Seeds)

Herbal Haven

Norfolk Herbs – Great plants – I can vouch for them – M.

Many of the main seed companies also sell herb seeds and plants.


Hazel Beanpoles and Hazel Pea Sticks
Beanpoles: 10ft to 12ft – £15 for 11;
Pea Sticks:  4ft – 5ft – £6 for 25
You can pickup from St. Werburghs or we can deliver for orders over £20
Ring Chris on 0117 9351746

UK Sleepers
Reclaimed sleepers treated / untreated  – new untreated and new eco friendly treated sleepers. Do check for offers.

Bristol Wood Recycling Project
£12 EACH – Free delivery to this site for orders over £100
Normal Delivery Charge – £15

Ready-made raised beds of any size at £5 Per Metre of wood
Self-assembly raised beds at £4.50 Per Metre of wood

Contact: or tel 0117 972 3219
 4, William St, Bristol BS2 0RG

Local Blacksmith
For any tool repairs involving metal try Fred Brodnax blacksmiths in Somerville Rd, just off the Gloucester Rd. Call Fred Brodnax on 0117 914 7566 or 07914 931782 . He’s happy to undertake small jobs and is obviously competitively priced.

Topsoil & Bark
Contact Nathan on 07970 559156 or email

Fountain Timber
Veteran timber yard set in lush woodland outside Bristol for custom-made posts, fencing, sleepers, gates and garden sheds.
Phone: 01934 862710

Gardening and Allotment Equipment

Most of the major seed houses also sell essential gardening equipment – do check for the best deals.

Gardening Naturally sell a whole range of products to protect crops on the allotment including fleece, nets, cages, natural pest control as well as tools and many other useful items.

Two Wests and Elliott – Wonderful equipment for the garden, greenhouse and allotment. But, not cheap.

Pest control

The following are some of the suppliers we know of that sell products that use organic methods of pest control.

Gardening Naturally sell a whole range of products to protect crops on the allotment including fleece, nets, cages, natural pest control.

Nematodes Direct sell nematodes to control pests and also supply SB Plant Invigorator which helps reduce pests and mildew on plants.

Garden Organic (formerly HDRA) can supply a whole range of organic methods for pst control, including biological controls, physical barriers and pheromone traps.