H&DAA Centenary Booklet – now online


The H&DAA Centenary booklet is now available in print and online! This has 80 pages and celebrates the 100 years of the Horfield & District Allotments Association which was reached in 2017.

You can view this booklet online by clicking here

In the book you can find answers to many questions including:

  • What is behind the field names of our allotment sites?
  • How did a wartime blackout lead to a new gate on Long’s Field?
  • How was a rubbish dump turned into an allotment?
  • What crops were grown in 1917 and how do they compare with today?
  • What wildlife is found on our allotments and what does sustainability mean?
  • What awards and prizes were won by the Association and its members?
  • How did 2 marrows lead to a prison sentence?
  • When was H&DAA the largest Allotment Association in Bristol?
  • What campaign initiatives did H&DAA champion?

We want every allotment plotholder to see this booklet. We are not planning on selling them, but you can get a copy of the booklet to read by contacting your Field Rep. Additional copies can be obtained by ringing Pete Clee on 07913953327

Let us know what you think of it by emailing info@horfieldanddistrictallotments.co.uk