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These are the News Stories for H&DAA as previously published on this website. Follow the links:

December 2023
Wreathmaking event photos
Bountiful Bristol event

November 2023
Golden Hill Field Maps updated
Rubbish Disposal & Collection

October 2023
Family Food Action donation ceased for 2023

September 2023
Harvest Fair 2023

August 2023
Waste wood disposal
Community Garden on Gardeners World!

July 2023
Birchall Road site improvements
Walkway repairs at Golden Hill
Family Food Action update

June 2023
Greenhouses & Polytunnels
Vacancy for H&DAA Secretary
Hydrology study at Golden Hill
Get your Garden Tools sharpened!
AGM 2023 Minutes

May 2023
Fire at the Balehouse!

April 2023
Spring Fair at Golden Hill Community Garden 
Frenchay Flower Show

March 2023
Wildlife Gardening Competition

February 2023
Seed potatoes & onion sets at Ashley Down Store
Avon Organic Talks for 2023
Caring for Trees Courses 2023
Frog spawn appears on site!
Manure time at Birchall!

January 2023
Bristol Seed Swap Feb 12th 2023
Hedging Team Update
More Vandalism at Birchall Rd site
Wassail is back!
Lucy receives a BEM in New Year’s Honour’s list!

December 2022
Photos from Bonfire Night

November 2022
Date of AGM 2023
Wreathmaking workshop 2022

October 2022
Roger Chainey RIP
Bonfire Night at Golden Hill
Photos of the Golden Hill Harvest Fair
Apple Day at the Orchard
Tortoise found at Golden Hill!

September 2022
Family Food Action drop-off change
Drone activity at Golden Hill
Vegetable & Seed Book launched in Bristol

August 2022
Drought at the allotments
Helping Bristol Prison
New BS7 Wildlife Group
AGM Minutes & Summary 
Surplus Fruit&Veg donations requested 
Vandalism at Birchall Road site

June 2022
Midsummer Orchard Open Day
New Padlock Code

May 2022
Fun at the Fair!
BS6 Wildlife Group
Grow Wilder Workshop

April 2022
AGM Notice for May 2022
Spring Fair coming in May

March 2022
New Tenancy Agreement
Wildlife group in BS6/BS7
Bristol Seed Library opens in Bishopston

January 2022
A bit of colour to brighten up a dull day
Orchard courses for 2022

December 2021
Allotments are productive and do you good!

November 2021
Winter gales bring down tree
New mural at Birchall Road site
Sweetcorn: how we beat the badger
Wreath making event
Bonfire Night is back!

October 2021
Pesticide Amnesty Event
Bonfire Night is back
Record Numbers wanting an allotment
Apple Day market at HOCO

September 2021
Work Party on Golden Hill
More drainage work on Golden Hill 
Refurbishment of the Balehouse
Community Garden in the National Press

August 2021
Ashley Down Store: Autumn seeds/sets in stock
AGM Minutes and Chair Report
Dead Badger on Golden Hill
Ashley Down Store summer opening hours

July 2021
Golden Hill Site Improvements
Bindweed abounds!
Allotment photos exhibition

June 2021
Trouble with Onions
Water on the allotments

May 2021
Horsetail alert!
Plant sale at the Community Garden

April 2021
Avon Organic Programme

March 2021
Survey on pesticide use
Seed Potatoes now in at Ashley Down Store

February 2021
AGM postponed
Bristol Seed Swap
Allotment Rents due

January 2021
Bristol Photo Festival – Growing Spaces
Organic Allotment Gardening Event

December 2020
Trees for Bristol Webinar
Birchall Road site improvements
Gallery of 2020 allotment photos

November 2020
Community Garden Hut Mural
More Stephen Markwick recipes

October 2020
HOCO Fruit Tree Sale
Golden Hill Energy Boost

September 2020
Autumn-sown crops for sale at Ashley Down store
Eye in the Sky over Golden Hill

August 2020
Sweetcorn: human v. badger
Keeping rats away from your plot

July 2020
Growing fruit & veg in 2020
Summer 2020 Flowers
Wanted: Spare seeds for refugees

June 2020
Star recipes from top local chef
Spruce up your shed with a mural

May 2020
Ashley Down Store re-opens
Late Frosts in May
Golden Hill Plant Sale

April 2020
Bee Swarms

March 2020
Covid-19 advice
Ashley Down Allotment shop closed

February 2020
New pruning courses for 2020
Tower of Power felled
Lock code change
Bonfires on plots
Seed Potatoes on sale
Wildlife Filming Request

January 2020
Avon Organic 2020 Programme
AGM and Annual Rent payment

December 2019
Wreathmaking Event

November 2019
Plastics Strategy
Plastics Strategy Poster

October 2019
Centenary Booklet Online
Centenary Leaflet – online

September 2019
Community Seed Swap

August 2019
Avon Organic Group Talks

July 2019
Badger blitz on Golden HIll

May 2019
Japanese Knotweed alert

April 2019
Plastic in allotments

March 2019
Surplus plastic pots wanted
Manure Collection Day
High winds bring down trees
Volunteers in Gardening

February 2019
Field Representative email addresses
Time to start chitting!

January 2019
Allotment Rents due
Gardening for wildlife
Caring for Trees courses

November 2018
Allotment Art

October 2018
Centenary Booklet Launched

September 2018
Research into Plastic on Allotments
Volunteers required for gardening help
Badgers on Golden HIll?

August 2018
Colourful displays for Summer
Summer Crops

July 2018
Bishopston Society Event in October

June 2018
New Locks for Field Gates

May 2018
The growing season takes off
First Year on the allotment?
Racing pigeon finds home in allotment

April 2018
Badgers on Birchall?
Soggy start to Spring

March 2018
Birchall Road improvements
Fire in the Balehouse
Gardening Courses
Centenary Leaflet
The Beast from East hits the allotments!