Late frost hits allotments

Two nights of frost around 8th/9th May hit the allotments and damaged many tender plants. This included potatoes, runner beans, squash and courgette plants.
It not unusual to have frosts in May, but the warm weather we have been having had lulled us all into thinking that we were immune from frosts. WRONG!

Runner beans damaged in Frost         Potatoes damaged by Frost May 2020      

Early potatoes have had their top leaves crisped by the frost and will probably recover. However, those intrepid allotmenteers who had transplanted plants from the polytunnnel or greenhouse to the allotment plot were badly hit as courgettes, squashes and beans are unlikely to recover from the frost damage caused. These will need to be started off again – the good news being that there is still plenty of time for crops to be resown as the majority of the growing season is ahead of us.

Squash plant damaged by frost
Squash plant