Waste wood disposal

The volunteer hedging team at Golden Hill have been stockpiling the wood from last winter’s annual hedging sessions and storing them on a spare plot on Baptist Field.  This is usually done so that the wood can be allowed to dry fully before November when it is burnt.

However, this year, for the first time we have employed our tree surgeon to use his powerful chipper machine to turn the woodpile into woodchip. This is usually far too much effort with anormal domestic chipper, but with the professional’s equipment it took just 2 hours of work to reduce it all to woodchip. Steve and Roger from the hedging team assisted the Nuthatch tree surgeon’s team to complete the work.


The small pile which now remains is of material that could not be chipped or shredded due to its soft nature. This is compostable material and will be treated in a different way.

Woodchip produced

The byproduct of the work was a large pile of chippings which is now quickly disappearing as plotholders help themselves to this useful mulching material

It is hoped that this method of disposing of the waste wood from the annual hedging work will  become a regular event, which eliminates the need for a bonfire.

Note that on this same plot there is a separate pile of waste wood which could not be chipped which is awaiting disposable. Plotholders are requested not to add anything further on to this plot.