Vandalism blights allotments on Birchall Field

Three separate instances of vandalism on the HDAA allotment site off Birchall Road have proved annoying and disheartening for plot holders during the last year.

The summer holidays of 2022, autumn half term and Christmas all saw instances of anti-social behaviour, with some sheds and plots being vandalised.

The Birchall site is unusual in not being a “gated” allotment – a public path runs through the site, which is generally used responsibly by the vast majority of local people. Unfortunately, these incidents of anti-social behaviour demonstrate that a small minority have little or no respect for plot holders.

As field reps we are in touch with the local neighbourhood policing team, and encourage plot holders to report any vandalism to this police team. We are also making contact with residents in the neighbouring streets so that we can share useful information.

All this is a frustrating distraction from allotment gardening, but if you are a plot holder on Birchall, live near the site or have any suggestions about how we might combat this anti-social behaviour do please get in touch

Tony Jones (one of the Birchall field reps)