Update from the Hedging Team

The Golden Hill hedging team has completed its annual ‘trim’ of the internal hedges and large stretches of the boundary hedging at the site. Several years of work through the winter months by a range of hardy volunteers is now really paying dividends. Many existing blackthorn, field maple, ash, hawthorn etc. were cleared and laid, and hundreds of new saplings of a range of species have been planted to fill gaps.

The hedges are now thickening up well, helping our security as well as improving wildlife corridors within and around the site. The main work has now shifted to keeping the hedges at a sensible size – and not allowing brambles to over-run everything.

Over the years, the team has had some remarkable luck with the Winter weather – although this January that luck seems to be wearing rather thin.

Besides the obvious difficulties, access to the hedges can sometimes be quite a problem. Placing structures or piling material up against hedges causes real difficulty with cutting and with clearing – as well as not doing the hedging any favours. Plot holders who keep a nice gap for the team to work along – and the hedges to thrive – are very much appreciated!