Seed potatoes & Onion sets at Ashley Down Store

The Ashley Down Allotments now have seed potatoes and onion sets for sale.

See below for details of the varieties available. Their prices are cheaper than elsewhere.

Opening Hours:
Saturday and Sunday 10.30 am – 12 noon

Main entrance at bottom of Station Road(off Ashley Down Road, and the Concorde Way railway path).

Seed Potatoes available:
Prices:    60p per lb (0.454 kg) ;     £ 4.00 for 7 lbs (3.2 kg)   

First Earlies
Swift, Pentland Javelin, Casablanca, Maris Bard, Red Duke of York, Arran Pilot

Second Earlies
Charlotte, Nadine, Kestrel, Nicola, Wilja

Cara, Desiree, Valor, Picasso, Pink Fir Apple

Onion Sets available:
£1.30 per lb (0.454 kg)

  • Sturonsemi round straw coloured bulbs stores well
  • Stuttgarter – semi flat solid bulbs of good flavour, keeps well
  • Red Baron – round red bulbs use cooked or in salads

  Please bring your own bags for seed potatoes and onion sets and also for fertilisers.