Improvements at Birchall Road Site

There have been some recent additions to our Birchall Road allotment site. A  replacement fence, new gate and new signage have all been installed in the past few weeks. We have also improved the steps leading down from the Birchall Road gate to the lower part of the site.

Birchall Road Fence          Birchall Road Fence
We have replaced the fence on the lower part of the site, adjacent to the lane running at the back of the Cranbrook Road houses. This job required professional contractors who have removed the old chain link fence and concrete posts that were there before and replaced it with a shiny new 1.2 metre profile mesh fence. We think that this improves the overall look of the site and ensures anyone entering the site has to go through the lower entrance gate. We have also recently put new signage on this gate.

Those of you who have plots at our Birchall Road site will have noticed recently that we have installed a new gate at the Birchall Road end of the site. There is also new signage on this gate which matches that on the Birchall Road entrance.

Thanks go to David  Munson who, along with Field Reps Tony and Joe,  recently put additional risers to the steps down to the allotment from the Birchall Road entrance. This has improved the descent on to site, which could be slippery, especially during wet weather.