Plot Availability & Prices

H&DAA manage seven different fields over three sites in the BS6 and BS7 areas of Bristol. There are currently around 500 plotholders. At any one time the availability of plots varies, depending on the site and size of plot that is required. There is a waiting list, which we can add you to if you are prepared to wait!

Growing space on allotment plot

The cost of a plot is based on size. In 2021, the cost to rent a plot is  £27.50 per annum for a “half plot” (an area of approximately 125 square metres). However smaller or larger sized plots may be available. There are small additional annual costs for H&DAA membership. There is a voluntary water charge for plots with polytunnels. Discounts are offered for those on means-tested benefits.

H&DAA annual rents are among the cheapest in the whole of the UK, and approximately half the cost of those run by Bristol City Council. This is largely because we are self-managed and most of the work on our sites is done by volunteers.

We also have Associate Members: an associate member is someone who regularly assists a plot-holder on a specific plot (but is not a joint tenant). Associate members pay £5 membership fee p.a. but pay no plot rent to the Association.

To find out details of current plot availability and to add your name to the waiting list please go to the Contact Us page and press select the Plot Availability option.
Please note that all our sites currently have waiting lists of around 3 years or more.