Golden Hill Community Garden features on Gardeners World

On Friday August 4th, the BBC TV Gardeners World programme featured the Golden Hill Community Garden project. This was part of a feature about the Bristol City Council’s initiative that started in the Covid lockdown to give away to Community projects many plants from its nurseries which it was not able to plant due to the lockdown

The programme showed the Blaise Nursery where many plants are grown and then taken to community sites such as Golden Hill. It then showed plants being picked from the Community Garden’s raised beds and polytunnels to be loaded into a wheelbarrow. This was then shown being trundled up to the Ardagh. Joe Swift the presenter wandered around the site and interviewed one of the Bristol City Council staff. He then went to the Ardagh with one of our Golden Hill volunteers. 

The Community Garden now collects fresh produce which it grows itself or which is donated from plotholders and takes this up by wheelbarrow to the Family Food Action (FFA) distribution point at the Ardagh on Horfield Common. From there the food is distributed to needy families who have subscribed to the FFA weekly food deliveries. It also goes to community projects such as the Venge in Lockleaze where meals are prepared for children who are in need of good healthy food.               

Anyone who has spare produce and wants to be part of this initiative can place their vegetables or fruit at the table near the gate by the entrance to the Community Garden entrance, on the lane behind the prison. This should be done by Monday evening or early Tuesday morning as the wheelbarrow leaves early every Tuesday!