Birchall Road improvements

Birchall Road allotment site new hedge 2018

Birchall Road allotments have been improved thanks to a lot of hard work put in by volunteers, supplemented by paid contractors. A great deal brambles and undergrowth has been cleared on the eastern boundary of the allotments bordering on the gardens of Clare Avenue houses. This has created an extra area which can now be cultivated.  This has been shored up by gabion baskets full of stone. An intrepid team of volunteers then planted a number of native tree “whips” to establish a natural hedge boundary with the gardens.

Birchall Road allotment site newly recovered plot 2018

The stepped path down from Birchall Road has also been refurbished. This is in addition to the work undertaken by an individual plotholder last year who reclaimed space further down the site on the eastern side and enough to create a brand new plot! This plot is now furnished with raised beds and looks tremendous.

It is in this same corner of Birchall Road that there is (or was a badger sett). However, it is not known if this sett is still active,. If anyone has seen a badger (or has had badger damaging their crops) please let us know.