Compost deliveries at Golden Hill

The delivery of compost to the bay in the Golden Hill car park is a free service managed by volunteers from the Community Garden with the compost being available to all plot holders across HDAA for a fee.

Deliveries will start again with the first delivery due Thursday 4th April 2024.

Compost for SaleThere are a few changes, as follows;

  1.  We have switched to a new product from a supplier that has 20+ years in understanding, developing and supplying compost. Their compost is heat treated, screened to 10mm and comprises green waste (no food stuff) and alpaca poo!
  2.  Pete has passed the management of compost to Patrick (a Community Garden volunteer and plot holder on St Agnes). Patrick’s contact details are on the sign next to the compost bay
  3.  Upon delivery it is the Community Garden that pays the supplier in full. This payment is recouped by the payments that plot holders make for each barrow-load. Factors including the inevitable increase in costs and the need to ensure that the Community Garden does not lose money in providing the service mean that the price per barrow will increase
  4.  The new price is £8.00 per barrow. We will continue to work with the supplier in efforts to maintain this pricing but please be aware that future increases may be unavoidable.
  5.  Our first delivery will be a relatively small quantity. We’ll gauge reaction to the new service and will re-order as appropriate

Payments options will be as before, PayPal or cash with details of how to make payment also on the sign next to the compost bay.

Can everyone please make an effort to make payments promptly so as to assist in the management of the finances and to minimise the risks of the Community Garden making a loss from this service with people forgetting to pay for what they’ve taken.