Golden Hill Site Improvements

You may have spotted some work going on at the Golden Hill site recently. Kieran, our trusty contractor, has been busy with his digger doing some necessary groundwork improvements.

The decking which was put down near the parking area by the Monk Road entrance had rotted and needed to be replaced as it was a safety hazard. After much thought it was decided to replace this with a hard, permeable stone base which will be more durable but still allow community events to be held in this space as required. These photos show the work in progress – it is not yet completed.

The main haulingway between the Donkey Lane entrance and the prison lane is also being refurbished. The main activity here is to improve the drainage so that we do not suffer from the stream running down the hill, especially from the halfway point down the hill where Baptists Field meets St. Agnes Field, where it causes the top surface of the haulingway to erode and become rutted..

In these photos you can see the new channel and part of the spoil from a huge hole which contains the sump which will act to keep the storm water from flowing down the hill and causing the damage to the road surface.