Birchall Road Site on TV !

The BBC Gardener’s World programme recently featured Birchall Road allotment site recently in an article on beekeeping.

On 10th August, 2018 BBC Gardener’s World episode 19  had the presenter Frances Tophill talking to Quentin Alsop (husband of Katherine, Field Rep for Birchall) about keeping bees on the allotment.

Quentin showed his many beehives on the corner site at Birchall Road field and  talked about the protective fence that is installed to make the bees fly above head height  for safety reasons. Quentin then demonstrated how to handle the bees and described the sorts of flowers that they like to visit to collect nectar.

If you’d like to watch this feature, follow the BBC Gardeners World link. The section of the programme which has Quentin and our allotment site starts at 38 minutes and last for about 2 minutes.