Hydrology study at Golden Hill

Summers in the UK are becoming drier and hotter, and this trend is likely to continue. As growers you will all be aware how hot dry conditions affect plant growth and of the amount of time and effort watering can take.

Staff from the Department of Geography and Environmental Management at University of the West of England are carrying out a study of the hydrology of the Golden Hill allotment site. We hope that our results will help you to make the best use of the available water on the site and to plan for future changes in the climate.

We have installed five dip wells across the Golden Hill site. The dip wells have red tops and protrude about 10 cm out of the ground. A student from the university will be visiting the site regularly to make measurements and we may install some more dip wells in other parts of the site. The dip wells will not cause any harm to the plots or plant growth.

UWE researchers have been involved in Project DRY (Drought Risk and You) and have collaborated with NSALG in the publication of a leaflet on Rainwater Collection in Allotments. Follow this link to read it.