Family Food Action – donation of surplus veg

In the most deprived wards in Bristol, 1 in 8 households experience moderate to severe food poverty. Around a third of all Bristol’s children are at risk of food insecurity and numbers of children eligible to claim free school meals (children in families with less than £7,400 per annum income before benefits) have risen by 20% in the last 2 years.

Family Food Action is a charity which aims to help to relieve food poverty in Bristol, through local networking and the collection of food and other vital supplies for distribution to community partners who work with families and children in poverty.

The Golden Hill Community Garden has been making deliveries of surplus fresh  vegetables and fruit for the last couple of years. We have a collection point where you can drop off your offerings and we will take them up to the Ardagh in Horfield Common where they are sorted and distributed onwards by Family Food Action to those that need them.

So if you’ve got lovely lettuce that might bolt before you can eat it or for when courgettes start to pile up then send them our way and we’ll make sure they go to folks that’ll eat them. Also, if you are off on holiday and have some veg that needs picking maybe we can come and grab it?  They are always especially happy to receive chard, spinach and greens but also don’t say no to massive marrows!

NOTE: Richard (our delivery driver) can’t do the deliveries every week, so we’re looking for anyone very local who might be happy to go on the rota to transport veg up to the Ardagh on Tuesday mornings –  it’s a short walk and you’ll always be met with smiles by the excellent team up there.
Let me know if that could be you – Contact Lucy Mitchell on 07506 905 394 or via

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