Seed availability & seed swapping

As many garden centres are closed due to Coronavirus, it may not as easy to find the seeds that you want for this season. Seed suppliers are still taking phone and internet orders for delivery – see the Allotment Supplies page for contact details

The H&DAA Facebook page has many offers from plotholders who have spare seeds or plants to offer. It also has advice posts on which shops are still open selling garden essentials.  Why not post a question or a request?

  In addition, at the Golden HIll site there is a Purple Box which has been put on a table on the decking near the car park at the Monk Road entrance. This is for anyone to put in spare seed or take out what they need.
Please make sure you wash your hands before opening the box when you pick up your seeds. If you are donating seeds please wash your hands before handling seeds and label envelopes clearly with the type of seed.