Polytunnels & Greenhouses

Many tenants like to build polytunnels or greenhouses on their plot to give extra protection to plants and give the ability to grow succulents that cannot be grown in normal circumstances.
Polytunnels are normally preferred to greenhouses as they are more easily dismantled when a tenancy ends.

The common rules are:

  1. Tenants should consult their Field Rep before any constructing a polytunnel or greenhouse on their plots and should proceed only with their agreement. Field Reps can bring any problems about this to the Committee.
  2. A polytunnel or greenhouse should be sited away from paths so as not to obscure the path for mowing and access.
  3. A Tenant will be expected to pay for extra water – this is included on the rent bill but is currently not compulsory.

Specific rules for greenhouses:

  1. A greenhouse should be a max of 5 square metres, which equates to a 6ft x 8ft greenhouse (1.8m x 2.4m).
  2. The windows should be glazed with polycarbonate or plastic. Glass is not allowed as it is a hazard if broken.

Specific rules for polytunnels:

  1. A polytunnel should be no bigger than 12 square metres (14.3 square yards) .