Appeals process

Procedures for Appeal against a decision made by the Committee

The Tenant making the appeal should provide in writing the nature of their appeal against the decision made by the Committee, and should submit it to the Committee, through the Secretary.

The Tenant should provide a list of all the actions they have taken to ensure they have abided by the rules of their Tenancy Agreement.

A chronological record of all correspondence between the Tenant and the Committee, relevant to the original dispute/complaint, should be provided by the Committee.

The Committee will create an appeal panel which will comprise the Chair or their deputy, and two other Committee Members (who will not be representatives of the field involved in the dispute), at least one of whom is a Director.

The Committee shall convene a meeting at the earliest possible date, to which the Tenant will be invited. The Tenant may be accompanied by a friend if they so wish.

A decision will be taken at the conclusion of the meeting and the appellant will be informed in writing as soon as possible.

This decision will be final.

Updated March 2024