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The following gardening courses which may be of interest to allotment gardeners are being held at a commercial nursery near Bath in April:

For more details of these and other courses go to www.specialplants.net/courses

SOWING SEEDS  – Thursday 4 April  10am-1pm
How to sow seeds.  Timing, composts and aftercare.  Dealing with dormancy. Pricking out and caring for seedlings

MAKING HAZEL PLANT SUPPORTS  – Monday 8 April   &  Friday 5 April 10am-1pm
Cutting hazel wands and weaving them into informal shapes to support both large and small plants.  Simultaneously ornamental, creative and useful.

CUT FLOWER GARDENING   – Monday 29 April
Planning your garden so you can cut flowers from it all year. What to grow.  How to cut and condition them.

TAKING CUTTINGS   –  Thursday 12 September  & Monday 23 September   10am-4pm
Learn how new plants grow from cuttings. How to take your cuttings and when. Composts, timing, aftercare.

GARDEN TREES   – Wedneday 18 September 10m-1pm
How to choose a suitable tree.  The role of single stem vs. multi-stem trees. Best practice planting, staking and formative pruning.  Bare root vs. root balled vs. container grown plants and how this affects planting time and establishment routine.

COLLECTING SEED    – Wednesday 25 September   10am-1pm
Sowing seeds. Dealing with dormancy.  Pricking out and caring for seedlings.  Collecting, cleaning and storing your own seed. Clean and package several kinds of seed to take home.

GARDENING UNDER GLASS   – Monday 14 October    10am-1pm
How to get the most out of your greenhouse or conservatory, polytunnel or coldframe.  Starting plants off, wintering plants over, flowers all year round

THE ANSWER LIES IN THE SOIL   – Wednesday 16 October    10am-1pm
Understanding your soil type and its relationship with your plants is the key to successful gardening.  Look at soil types, the role of organic matter and plant nutrition.

PRUNING   – Wednesday 30 October   10am-4pm
The art of pruning shrubs, fruit trees, perennials, grasses etc for form, vigour & flowering.  When to prune, why to prune, when not to prune.