Growing fruit and and vegetables would be so much easier if there were no nasty little bugs or birds eating or in other way destroying our efforts and cherished crops. Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to worry about blight or fungus attacking our tomatoes or potatoes?

We can learn all sorts of methods of dealing with these problems by talking to our plot neighbours. Most methods are not foolproof,  not even the nasty chemicals, and isn’t it a shame to grow your own then throw/spray/ sprinkle our own crops with those same chemicals.

There are products you can buy which are suitable for organic growing, like organic slug pellets and I will list any others I know of which might help as I learn about them.

Environmentally-friendly Pesticide

SB Plant Invigorator – the environmentally friendly growth stimulant and pesticide – was first recommended to us by the horticulturalist at Bristol Zoo. Now lots of us, who are trying to be organic, are using this to control pests such as whitefly, blackfly and greenfly;  at the same time, helping to control mildew and provide a foliar feed with a non-toxic application. One of the really big advantages is that you can harvest and eat immediately – BUT DO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.

I have bought this on-line. You can buy in various on-line shops, check out the best price with P&P to suit you. (2020 prices in the region of £16 for a 500ml bottle of concentrate.)

Nematodes:  There are a wide range of nematodes  (roundworms) which are now commercially available to buy as a form of organic pest-control. The nematodes suitable for gardeneres are the predatory type which kill garden pests such as slugs, vine weevils, leatherjackets and chafer grubs.

See the Allotment Supplies section for details of suppliers of nematodes.

We hope other allotment members will offer their tried and tested methods for treating these problems, or debunk any which really don’t work. Please send your ideas and suggestions to us at