Dogs on the Allotments

Many allotmenteers – though not all by any means – love dogs.
However, dog owners should be aware that the allotment fields are intended for the cultivation of crops. They are not intended as a dog walking area, a dog exercise area and never, ever as a dog toilet.

Dogs should always be kept under control and on a lead at all times, to prevent them causing a nuisance to others, such as damaging crops or digging up plants.

If you are planning to bring your wonderful pooch onto the allotment site, it is your responsibility to keep it under control and on your plot at all times. If the unthinkable should happen you MUST clear it up and take the resultant package home with you to dispose of.

Please also be aware that many children and some adults are afraid of dogs. Roaming animals, however cute and friendly you might consider them, for a young child, meeting them may be a traumatic experience.